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friends only.

Apr. 29th, 2008 | 09:50 am

friends only.

if i know you personally
(i.e. from school or such),
don't even bother asking
to be added. chances are,
i don't like you very much.

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you & i.

May. 18th, 2005 | 04:41 pm
music: the stills - love and death

you feel and i feel. the same, as we used to be. one, just one. oh love, what have we done to ourselves? you blacken your lungs and blur your vision. i hate the sight of my own blood, even though it makes you go away. it makes me go away. shards of glass scatter on my bathroom floor at three in the morning. ashes fly around you while you wonder if i'm still alive. you say you see my suicide dreams, if they existed. even. i say i see your dreams about girls from far away places and smoking behind school. they do exist, i know. i know it. you know, if only we could hold onto something that was real, we might be fine. we just might be. oh my darling, it felt like so long ago when we were so alike, when we were... exuberant and acted like teenagers. still in love. still alive. still, so many things. change poured over our heads and we were left outside. with nothing to protect us, only eachother. and all we thought about were ourselves.

"love and death are always on my mind.
and i'm just so sick of wasting my time."

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